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Sam's back! Spotify's revenue, Apple's bugfix, and a new value4value app

August 05, 2021 James Cridland, Sam Sethi Season 1 Episode 36
Podland News
Sam's back! Spotify's revenue, Apple's bugfix, and a new value4value app
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Join James Cridland and Sam Sethi

All the links are at Podnews at https://podnews.net/podcast/i5hv2

1.  Spotify’s podcast ad revenue has jumped 627% year-on-year, according to their revenue announcement.

2.  Apple has confirmed a download bug has been fixed in iOS 14.7.

3. There are now at least 1,000 paid shows in Apple Podcasts

  • Just six weeks after the feature was publicly launched. We’ve discovered more than 500 different channels in Apple Podcasts and more than 30% of those channels are paid-for.

How does that compare with Podcast Index and their value 4 value cryptocurrency thing?

  • There are also now just over 1,000 value4value-enabled podcasts earning Bitcoin, too.
  • Benjamin Bellamy (CEO at Ad Aures) is talking about Value 4 Value at Podcast Movement  “Podcast Index: How to unleash your value thanks to the Podcast Namespace” It is already online and available here:

4. Acast suggests it’s the #3 podcast network in the US in a blog from their COO

5.  Who are the Most Powerful People in Podcasting?

6. QR codes for podcasts are getting more popular: but where to link them to, so they work for everyone on every app? The Podcast Namespace team kicked some ideas round last week, and have settled on:

  • https://(a podcast page)#fastfollow-podcast:(a guid)

Updated Podnews podcast pages, like Podland, for example, now include this fastfollow link as a QR code (desktop only); and you can scan it using the standard camera app on your phone, or within apps like CurioCaster.

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