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Mark Cuban lies his ass off. We interview Martin Mouritzen, PodFriend about Cross-App commenting and Boostagrams.

August 12, 2021 James Cridland, Sam Sethi Season 1 Episode 37
Podland News
Mark Cuban lies his ass off. We interview Martin Mouritzen, PodFriend about Cross-App commenting and Boostagrams.
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Who knew premature publishing was a thing ;-)

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  • At Podcast Movement, Mark Cuban and Falon Fatemi spoke about their new storytelling platform Fireside Chat. Cuban described podcasting as being “old, tired and beat up,” adding “…there’s only one way to monetize - by lying your ass off to secure sponsorships.” The app is available now on iOS.

  • Edison Research’s Tom Webster said:
    "Cuban is right that podcasting isn’t an interactive platform. Podcasters don’t get immediate feedback in the way that participants on Fireside or Clubhouse do. Neither do actors or radio DJs or morticians. Nevertheless they persist. But that doesn’t make social audio platforms “podcasting 2.0.”

  • Transistor’s Justin Jackson said: 
    "People keep talking about podcasting’s “discovery problem;” but the people I know, who listen to podcasts regularly, seem to have no problems in finding new shows to listen to. If anything, they have the opposite problem: too many good shows to listen to."

  • Using Podcasting 2.0 apps like CurioCaster or Podfriend, listeners can share small amounts of cryptocurrency with the podcasts they listen to. Now, so-called “Boostagrams”, like those seen above, allow listeners to send messages to podcasters, too, along with a tip. Here’s how to get started with accepting cryptocurrency for your podcast

  • As mentioned above, Boostagrams - little messages from listeners when sending cryptocurrency tips in value4value apps - are now appearing in SatoshiStreams. Use the new /messagesub command to enable them.  

  • If you add <meta name="apple-itunes-app" content="app-id=1256040890"> in the <head> section of your website, it adds a little link to your podcast on Apple Podcasts on iPhones and iPods. The ID is your podcast’s ID, the number at the end of your Apple Podcasts URL. (They’re Smart App Banners).


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